Monday, April 4, 2016

Once Upon a Time "Our Decay"

I'm not sure what to say about last night's episode. First, it centered around Zelena and Hades. I don't care for either character. To top that off, it centered around Rumple and Belle. Another couple I'm tired of hearing about.

Maybe it's me, but I'm feeling disappointed in this half of the season. I'm sad about that of course. I had high hopes for this season. This season is the Oz season for me all over again. I loved the Emma and Hook moments. Nice to see Henry having a story line that unfortunately didn't last long in this episode. Or, I'm starting to wonder this season? I only handled Zelena because of Robin.

I like the actress playing Zelena, but the character drives me crazy. Is it wrong that I wanted her to maybe fall into the river of lost souls? Bad Robyn, I know.

There really isn't much for me to say about the episode. Hopefully next week's episode will make up for this one.

Next week's episode...

Room (Movie)

So I watched the movie, Room. My thoughts? I really liked it. The movie is based off a book written by Emma Donoghue. The book goes by the same title.

It might even be one of those movies I buy for my collection. Also now I want to really read the book. The book is now on my ever growing list of books. A list I won't finish in my lifetime. That's a whole other post though.

This is one of the movies where I don't want to give away anything or accidentally give something away. There is so much emotion, people need to experience it on their own.

Going into the movie I knew two of the actors, Joan Allen and William H. Macy. Brie Larson was familiar to me, but I couldn't put my finger on what movie or TV show I've seen her in. I know she won the best actress for the Oscars.

Jacob Tremblay played the son, Jack. Of all the performers, he did an awesome job. I have a feeling the book will be told from his point of view. You really get to see his point of view throughout the movie. You could feel so much emotion from his character. What is nice about the movie though? You can see other characters emotions also. I do hope you can see Ma's point of view in the book. Larson also did a spectacular job playing Ma. No wonder she won the Oscar.

The movie starts off with Ma and Jack in a room. Ma was abducted at a young age and locked in a room. Two years later, Jack is born. By the time Jack is five, Ma decides they need to leave the room once and for all.

Jack and Ma will get a chance to venture into a new world. Jack will discover a world he never knew existed. Ma will go back to a world that changed without her. The two will have to adapt to whole new surroundings.

Please check out the movie. I swear you won't regret it. If you don't like it, please let me know why. Let's talk.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Once Upon a Time "Devil's Due"

Hi all! Sorry it's a day late, but tonight let's talk about Once Upon a Time. If you haven't seen the episode, Devil's Due. Turn back now and watch the episode. Come back after you watch it.

This week's episode wasn't bad. I felt though it could be better. Maybe because Rumple drove me crazy? I don't know why, but he hasn't always been my favorite of the show. I don't hate him, but I feel like we've spent so much time with his character. I'm ready for them to focus on more characters. Surprise, surprise. We'll be doing another Belle and Rumple plot. That will make me feel like it's taking over the show.

I always feel like the show has to focus on one couple. Sure, they are focusing some on Emma and Hook, but I don't feel like enough. I was so excited because finally we could focus on them this half of the season. But, it's going in the direction of Rumple and Belle. Yet again! Poor Regina and Robin have been put on the sidelines. I'm okay with Snow and Charming, because we've had their story. I'm sure we could get more, but I think the show has done enough with them. I'm okay where they are. Sure, I don't want them to fade into the background, but it's nice when other couples can be focused on.

Even if it wasn't a couple. I like when we focus on more than one character. I just feel like Rumple and Belle need to step to the side. Let's get some more Robin, for example.

Otherwise with Rumple. Ha, glad someone has power over him. I might actually like Hades now. On a side note, I can hear my friends who like Rumple saying, "not cool." 

So moving on. Emma and Hook reunited! So that made me happy. But again because we were focusing on Rumple. I felt like we didn't get a great reunion between Hook and Emma. It was still sweet of course, but it would have been nice to get more. I felt like his rescue was too short. There should have been more action.

I did like that Regina got to find out that Daniel went off to a better place. I wonder what made him go to the happier side. Maybe he saw Regina change? We'll never know I guess.

Next week, we see Hook's brother. It looks like he'll cause a breakup with Emma and Hook. I have faith though it should be okay. I would hate to think the writers would have them go to the underworld only to have them break up. Plus, why did the preview show that? That's like giving away a whole story line.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nerd Block Classic March 2016

Hi everyone! Happy first day of Spring!

So let's get started on this month's Nerd Block Classic.

So, the first item is from Game of Thrones and Funko's Mystery Mini Figures. I have him already, but not like this. So, at least I got him a little different. 

So I admit it. I haven't watched Daredevil yet on Netflix. Does it count if I saw the movie? Everyone keeps talking about the show. So I guess, I should check it out.

Another Funko to add to my collection.  You had a chance to get two of the Game of Thrones characters.

I've only seen a couple episodes of Arrested Development. But, this looks like it could be fun.

Love this! Right now I don't have it hanging up yet, but hopefully will find a spot for it soon.

I wonder how many people know who this is without cheating? Right off the bat, I knew. But, I was a huge Karate Kid fan back in the day.

What to expect next month.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time "Labor of Love"

So tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time. Please be aware of spoilers. Watch the episode first and come back.

So let's get started.

First, there was Henry. I'm glad to see he is finally getting a plot that will help define his character. Sure he's had plots, but I feel like this one with Cruella De Vil will help him grow. He is the new author after all. He has yet to do something horrible if you think about it. Although, hopefully he'll have some common sense and not do it. I'm pretty sure if Cruella returns back to the living, it won't look for Emma.

Hercules. Glad to see him on the show, but also a little disappointed. Sorry, but to me? He looked like a kid. Not strong enough. Plus, one episode? He should at least get a couple. Come on! Couldn't he help defeat Hades?

Hades. Why can't they make him scarier? The actor doesn't cut it for me. Nothing wrong with the actor. I've seen him in other stuff. I just don't feel like he should be Hades. Maybe that will change as the show moves along.

Snow White. We got to see her as a kid and interacting with Hercules. Also it was nice to see Snow White return. It seems like Mary Margaret as left the building. Maybe?

Hook. They better not kill him again. I was getting that vibe from the episode and the preview for next week. I just hope my imagination is just running wild. I wonder if he would do it. I wonder if he would pick any of the gang to stay down there just so he could leave? I'm sure it will work out in the end. The only one I worry about is Robin Hood. I'm guessing they wouldn't kill Robin Hood because of Regina though, but you never know what could be going through the writers minds.

I felt like for an episode with Hercules it could have been more action packed. I guess in a way it felt like a filler episode.

Next week we get some interaction with Rumple and Hades.

Thoughts on tonight's episode?

Books Bought

So I told myself I would be good today when I made a trip up to Barnes and Noble. I'm sure you guess what happened. Any book reader could figure that out.

So let's get started.

Barnes and Noble

 Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam 

                   Bookmarks - March/April Edition

 Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
 Vampire Academy Series

Half Price Bookstore

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series

          Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

 Bleak House by Charles Dickens

                        Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic series

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm Ready. Is He?

People always say that you have a soulmate. There is someone for everyone. My question to those people are, “are you nuts?”
If that was so, why is it taking thirty-six years to find mine? Did he get lost in limbo? Maybe I past him by and didn’t even see him.
When I was younger I used to dream of a guy with black hair. I never knew his name. I couldn’t even tell you what his facial features were at this point. There is just one thing that stands out after all these years. The black hair. It wasn’t quite a buzz cut, but it wasn’t long enough to run your fingers through.  As a teenager or even in my early twenties, I thought maybe he was my soulmate. I would find him.  Yes, I admit it. When I was in college, I couldn’t help but wonder about the guys with black hair. Never did I crush though on a guy with black hair. There was a blonde and a brunette. That was it and none of those guys were my soulmate. I can tell you that much.  As my twenties started to disappear. So did the black hair guy. Never had a dream of him ever again. I think the last dream of him was maybe at the age of twenty-three. Maybe? Out of nowhere lately though, I’ve thought of him. I wish I could remember what he looked like. Again, all that stands out is the black hair.
When I did dream about him. I did pray to God and ask him about the guy. Was it wrong that I tried to get some information from God? He knows my story. He knows where it begun. Where it’s going and where it will end. So okay, I asked God for spoilers.
God never did answer that question. Maybe he’s keeping me in suspense. Or, he knows that the black hair guy was just my imagination. A guy I made up.
So that brings me to my next question. Where is my soulmate? Why has it been this long? I would like to think I’m going to live to the age of 100. But, what if I don’t? What if I end up leaving this earth before I’m fifty? That gives me what, maybe fifteen years to finally find love?
So that’s brings the final question to the other people. Are they nuts?  Do you ever notice the people who say, “Oh he’s out there somewhere.” They would be the people in love already. They don’t have to question God. They don’t need to keep asking God, why. Wonder if they did something wrong or if God was punishing them.
I keep telling myself to stay positive. To trust in him.  There has to be a reason. Sure, I would love to find my Mr. Darcy tomorrow. But, in the meantime? I know it’s hard and I fear that God will judge me. But, I just need to keep reminding myself. That yes, maybe soulmates do exist. Even if I do find him, not worry about the future. Stay in the moment.