Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Blog Chat...Mind Games, Stop 2

Are you ready to discuss Mind Games by Carolyn Crane??? We are now entering Discussion Two. Remember if you still want to discuss the first discussion. Click here.

Here are some of the questions Crane brought up.
Is Justine a little bit of a monster like she thinks?

Is Packard bad for not apologizing if he doesn't feel sorry?

Robyn's Questions
We seem to be one step closer to finding out about Nemesis. Do you have an idea on who he really is?

After helping Justine with Connor. Do you think Simon might actually turn out to be a good guy? Or does he want to be the one to get on Packard's good side before anyone else can. Do you think if he found out who Nemesis was, he would tell them first.

Do you think Packard is really the client for the cases?

Packard is upset about his friend, Diesel. How do you think he will get revenge without leaving the deli?

Melissa's questions.
What is up with these two cases. The normal specifics seem to have gone out the window and secrecy has become a big thing. Where do you think they lead?

Each member of the team seems to have their own secrets or pieces of the puzzle of what is going on with the cases and Packard. Do you think so?

The Faces... there was a section on page 155 were Justine was touching the face and having thoughts about touching it. What is the relation of the face in the areas it is found?

What are your thoughts on Packard now? Do you think he really cares for Justine or is he pushing her to do as he needs?

What do you think of Justine's new find of being able to disillusion the people she was repelled from? Is this going to change Justine?

Will Shelby and Justine beat Simon on the new quest for the faces? Will they be able to help Packard before Simon gets all the information he needs?

There is so many things to discuss. Let's get started. :)


  1. You know I was a little mad at Packard at the beginning. Why couldn't he just say he was sorry?

    But than by the end. I felt bad for him with his friend.

  2. I was bothered that Packard didn't say thank you as well. I kind of think he really believes he saved her life by doing what he did. I am kind of leaning to being okay with Packard (as a reader) with him doing this, because in his minds eye he really thinks he saved her from a horrible life and hospitals. I can see his side. But if I was Justine I would be upset as well.

  3. I'm hoping Packard will redeem himself somehow.

  4. I'm at work here, but I have lots of thoughts (again). I will have to stop back later and share them. :)

  5. Same here. Leaving for work in a few minutes :)

  6. Is Justine a monster? I think not. She is doing, in a world that has this stuff, what is needed to be done. She is not over doing it at all. She didn't zing the Silver Widow the last time at the party when she handed her off to Simon. And if this woman came in and took advantage of my boyfriend like she did, well I wouldn't have left her walk out the door. Justine didn't zing her then either. (Although the boyfriend would have been in his own trouble too!) I don't think she has crossed that line yet.

    I am curious to see what becomes of her since she did cross a line of total submerssion into someone - zinging wise, with Connor. That is a different angle I am curious to see what comes next with Justines next zing. It sounds like it can be addicting doing the zings that way.

  7. I don't know if we are any closer to nemesis. It seems like we have more questions popping up with the new trapped people.

    I am ready to bet (if I was a gambler) that these people are all related. I think they are people who could hold nemesis at bay if they where free to roam the world and do so. And I think nemesis knows this.

    I still have that feeling that Sanchez is some how affiliated with the nemesis or is the nemesis.

  8. As for Simon... hmmm, this is a good one. I was starting to warm up to him with his kindness to Justine. After explaining the way he can zing the people he is rebellent to. Then happening to be the one to save her. I think he has found a new respect for Justine. And they could end up being friends, well as far as friends are with Simon.

    BUT, as far as being the good guy where Packard is involved. No, I think he wants all the information he can get on Packard to cover his own hind end. He doesn't want to be thrown out of the group and he wants control over Packard, instead of Packard calling the shots. He is rather selfish in this end of things.

  9. I am starting to think Packard saw an opening with Justine. Someone he really needed and thought could get through to specific people. I think it is possible that Packard is prepping Justine for a bigger thing. But what that thing is I am not sure. Maybe he is searching out the Nemesis, but I think he is pushing Justine to see how far he can take her.

    I had wondered in the whole discussion about her working the case of Connor, if he was really thinking of not letting her go on the case because he was worried or if it was to push her to do it. And part of me believes in both. I think he is worried about her, but yet he wants to know what she can do and handle.

    There are bigger things in store for Justine, and I think Packards life is what the goal is (for him).

  10. I was thinking Justine will become addicted to the zinging and it could get her into a lot of trouble.

    Could you imagine if Sanchez was nemesis? I wonder how Justine would handle that?

    I like that we are seeing a nicer Simon in some way but I do have a feeling he's using the good for something bad. Maybe he works for nemesis??

    I have more to write but will do that tomorrow night when I have more time to sit and write :)....

  11. Going back to Simon. I'm wondering if he will turn out to be okay by the end of the book. Maybe he'll end up working with Justine and finding out who nemesis is.

    Seeing a new light of him in this section, I'm hoping we see a better light.

  12. Maybe Justine will end up working with Simon to find the Nemesis, since he seems to be one of the few that wants to know. And he has some strengths in disillusioning to help greatly. But his reasons are different than hers. I think there will be a team effort here but then Justine will have to trick Simon some how in the end so he doesn't hold the information over Packard.

  13. I bet Simon will claim to work with her and than go behind her back. I really can see him going against her. Who knows maybe he is actually a nice guy...

  14. I finished the book so now I'm not sure what to discuss on this part now, haha.