Thursday, August 11, 2011

Killbox Discussion Part One

Hey everyone!!! So we are now on Killbox by Ann Aguirre. I'm definitely ready to discuss Part One. So let's get started. If you need more information on the book, click here.

And remember it's never too late to join. us.

Melissa's Questions:
- What are the Morguts up to? Are they trying to leave their home and station somewhere else? Are Farwan supporters using the Morguts to get the information they want/need? Or is the Syndicate using them? Why is the Science Corp being singled out?

- Who is Edun Leviter or now known as Corin Underwood? And what is the underlining reason for working with the Conglomerate?

- Will working with the smugglers this way work out?

Robyn's Questions:
- You know I have to ask. Do we trust Hon? I'm thinking we can since, March let him leave with Jax. So it should be safe. Right?

- Do you think Loras will be set free or stuck with Hon? Will he be able to trust the gang again?

- Will any of the kids play a future role in the book? Are they in danger with this war or will they be kept safe? Any thoughts on Argus?


  1. I didn't think Loras would be back. It's nice to see him but I feel bad for Jax. She feels so guilty. I wish Loras would give her a chance.

    Edun Leviter/Corin Underwood, do you think he'll visit our gang?

    I feel like I can trust Hon but if there is any danger, I could see him only protecting himself. I wonder if March knows that, haha.

  2. I was soooo glad to see Loras! I actually wondered if Hon would have any idea about Loras when he first showed up, then there was Loras. I was so happy. But I felt bad that Jax and everyone felt so guilty. I'm hoping he gets to come back to the team. He was a nice person.

    We'll have to see if Doc gets that remedy made to free Loras and his people from being slave like. I hope he does. But I thought Jax freed Loras of his due to be a slave to people.

  3. Edun Leviter/Corin Underwood, I don't know. I'm really racking my brain to try to figure out who it is. Have we met this character before? I wonder if he is part of the Syndicate or Farwan group.

    And what the heck is he suppose to REALLY be working on? I know he's starting the army and all, but there is a hidden agenda here. Almost makes me feel like he is out to get someone. Could he be after Jax? Or March?

    Could it be putting March in charge as Tarn did that it's a set up for them? I'm afraid that is the hidden agenda with Edun/Corin.

  4. Oh, I'm sure March knows that about Hon. He said he only trusts him as far as he can throw him. And I'm thinking that's not very far. ;)

    Hon seems very impressed with Jax after that jump though. That was an AMAZING feat by Jax. But the story Hon talks about.... could there be a truth to that? Jax did really start this downward spiral of events with taking Farwan down. So could she be the one to bring the end?

  5. I'm trying to remember their last conversation. I thought of that too with Loras.

    I really don't trust Tarn. He's up to someone. I don't think we've met Leviter/Underwood yet, another thing I'll have to refresh my memory with.

    I have a feeling Tarn is using March to get to Jax. But what Tarn has up his sleeve? Not sure.

  6. I bet Jax will be the big reason for the end of Farwan but at what cost?

  7. Oh those kids! I loved how the one took to Vel after he saved them. :) That was nice.

    I don't know if they will play a big part, but they will have a part to play as Jax swears to protect them. And I think that will come to a head, again, with them.

    What about Rose? She wasn't very nice to Jax. Sounds like there is a small grudge there too. Then I got the feeling it has to do with being in space and with Doc so maybe it's not with Jax. Jax just is the one to take the brunt of the blow.

  8. And Argus. I like that Jax has an apprentice. I was wondering if we could trust him. But I like the angle we are going here with the gene testing.

    It was neat to see that there ARE signs to show burnout coming. And they are seeing it. But it was a neat idea to use Jax's genes. So I'm very curious to see what they come up with. It could be very very good!

    And to see Jax jump the way she did! WOW! This is record breaking in their time. And there is still work Dina has to do to make it easier on Jax, but it can be done.

    Sooooo, with the gene therapy to Argus... could Argus be able to do this as well with the changes of Jax's genes? I think this really could be an amazing break through! As long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

  9. I'm hoping Evelyn can help Jax and the cause wonderfully.

    And actually talking about Evelyn... What is up with the Morguts and her? Why did they not attack her?

    I wondered if she is connected to them some how. So will she willingly help Jax and all?

    I think Jax better be very careful here with this woman, on what she tells her and getting her. There is something fishy here.

  10. Oh, I don't trust Tarn either. I didn't trust him in Doubleblind either. He strikes me as the political type to talk out both sides of his face to get what he wants, or needs. And Jax is just a tool for him to get there. And now March as well.

    I'm worried that March is rounding up the smugglers to help for good, and Tarn is working to arrest them all once they have their guard down.

    Just something feels off to me. I don't know why.

  11. I think with Rose is that she is just upset with Doc and it's one of those things were you bite someone's head off when the other person was just trying to help. We've all done that.

    So far I like Argus. He seems like a good kid who just wants to learn but I worry about him though. I would hate to think of him as a test experiment gone wrong.

    Right now I'm up in the air with Evelyn. She could be a good guy but also a bad guy. Why the Morgut didn't kill her? I don't know. Maybe they need her for something and that's why she could slip away.

    With Tarn, I can't help but wonder if he's working for someone. Someone who wants control of Jax. What better way to get to Jax through March. Jax is special, other people probably want to test her.

  12. Oh, what a great way to get to Jax. I wonder if Tarn could be taking a bigger pay from the Syndicate... her mother! lol.

    I'm waiting for her mother to show up again.

    I do like Argus. I'm hoping he plays out a bigger part in the future.

  13. Oh oh oh! What about Svet and her child! I wonder where the kid is. I think it might be about 5 turns old? Or so? Still a young one. So maybe Jax and March will have a child to raise?

    And he is PSI just like March. :) Cool! And Dangerous.

  14. Well, I'm going to get started on the next section here. I finished my other read last night, so I'll get getting into the next section here today so I can get to the next book too. :)

  15. I'm curious about the Tarnus message Jax asked Dina to read. She recognized it from somewhere. I wonder what it means and what will play out of that.

  16. Morguts... why are they moving from their home? And where do they want to be? It seems strange. We haven't heard of them attacking worlds yet to make a new home. Are they gaining strength somewhere?

    And want about the toxin Tarn has now against them like Vel's people have in them. Wonder if he will be nice enough to give some to Jax and March to use against the Morguts. Hmmm....

  17. Okay I'm going to start here shortly, but I thought I would get some more in, haha...

    I bet her mom does show up, it's just a question of when and why.

    I worry about the Morguts. They are going to attack again and I have this bad feeling the Evelyn woman is involved, the more I think about it.