Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forbidden Love

This is so bad of me. I posted Forbidden Love on the Kindle and Nook at the end of last month and I forgot to blog about it. Sorry about that. I did try for Smashwords but the site doesn't want to work with me. Will let you know when it works. It has something to do with their epub version. If you ever come across any other problems, please let me know. This is my first book so I'm still learning a lot.

Now moving on to Forbidden Love, the first story in Wolf Town.

Charles Johnson and Katrina Grierson are in love. The two have decided to take the next step. The two are going to get married. Now if only their parents could agree to their marriage. What's the problem you ask? Both of their wolf packs hate each other. Well, Charles and Katrina don't care. They're going through with it, rather the packs like it or not. Too bad they'll have to deal with vampires, witch problems, families, and war. To make matters worse, Katrina is about to discover something that could change her life forever and destroy the life she has with Charles.

Forbidden Love is the first in what I hope to be a long series. Not only do I hope you get to know Charles and Katrina, but their families as well.

You can find it here on Amazon or here on Barnes and Noble.

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