Sunday, October 4, 2015

Loote Box - September

This is late, I know. Here is what Loote sent out for September. I figured I better post this now before October's box comes.

First, we have a game we can do. Not sure if I will try it, but who knows maybe I will. It's free, so why not?

Next up, a Homer Simpson Golden Buddha. I actually like this one. I might be one of the only few who still love The Simpsons.

This next one came in the magazine that comes in the box. It's part of a Summon game. Not sure, if I'll play it. Again, you never know.

This one will be great for when I'm stressed. It's a Hearthstone Foam Stress Ball. I can add it to my ever growing stress ball collection. That sounds bad, doesn't it?

This one is my favorite. Hello, the Impala from Supernatural. Need I say more?

This month's Loote Button.

Alright, I got a new winter hat. I'm sure I'll still wear my Jayne hat, but this one is going to be fun. Who cares how old I am. As long as I stay warm, right?

This one is a Hearthstone Collectible Coin, plus a code for a game. Again, we shall see if I play the game.

So that is it for September. Can't wait to see what is next month, especially since it's Halloween month

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