Monday, October 26, 2015


So if there is one thing I could definitely do to improve my writing, its to work on prayers and poems. I've never really been good at that. So, here is an attempt. 

Prayer...couldn't think of a title.

God, I trust in you in all that you do.
I know you have your reasons.
But, I do wonder.
Is there a reason for this life?
Every birthday, I think this year will be better.
Yes, we have our free will.
I always wonder though.
Do you give us two options?
Choose door one or choose door two.
Is it my fault that I chose the wrong door?
Maybe door one was the door I should have chosen.
Is it too late?
Again, I know to trust you, but I’m scared.
Scared of what’s to come.
So today, I ask.
Please be with me as I search for the door.
The door that will guide me in the direction I need to be.

Poem...also couldn't think of a title today...

Is he out there?
Have we crossed paths?
Did he go down the wrong path?
Maybe it was me who went down the wrong path.
Can I find him again?
Is it too late?
I wish I could picture him.
Maybe if I could, I could find him.
We could reconnect.
Enjoy our time on earth before we meet again in Heaven.

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