Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ugly Duckling

I see him standing there with her. He laughs and teases her. For some reason, she doesn’t see it. Why can’t she see it? I’ll approach her like always and she’ll laugh it off. “Oh, it’s your imagination.”

Is it? When our group of friends go out. He’s always by her side. She could trip and he would be by her side in a second. If I trip, he’ll laugh and stand there.

Sure, I’m not pretty. I wouldn’t say I’m the ugly duckling. Although, if I recall in the end, the ugly duckling became a beautiful swan. Not sure I’ll be that lucky. Unless something happens to where I look like a whole different person after thirty some years. I’ve looked the same pretty much since I was in elementary school. Although, I guess maybe I have more wrinkles on my face? Getting back to the point, I see many women out there who have someone and they are average looking. Where did I go wrong?

Most of my friends, never have a problem. In fact, like right now. My crush will fall for one of them.

I can hear you now. Tell him how you feel. If it were only that easy. I’ve learned to never do that. I’ve never had success in doing so. Not one man has ever said, awesome. After I say something, it’s awkward between us.

This might sound depressing, but do you ever wonder. That’s life. Nothing will change. Even if I try, I feel as if it won’t change. I’m stuck in this loop. I’ve hit a dead end.

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