Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm Ready. Is He?

People always say that you have a soulmate. There is someone for everyone. My question to those people are, “are you nuts?”
If that was so, why is it taking thirty-six years to find mine? Did he get lost in limbo? Maybe I past him by and didn’t even see him.
When I was younger I used to dream of a guy with black hair. I never knew his name. I couldn’t even tell you what his facial features were at this point. There is just one thing that stands out after all these years. The black hair. It wasn’t quite a buzz cut, but it wasn’t long enough to run your fingers through.  As a teenager or even in my early twenties, I thought maybe he was my soulmate. I would find him.  Yes, I admit it. When I was in college, I couldn’t help but wonder about the guys with black hair. Never did I crush though on a guy with black hair. There was a blonde and a brunette. That was it and none of those guys were my soulmate. I can tell you that much.  As my twenties started to disappear. So did the black hair guy. Never had a dream of him ever again. I think the last dream of him was maybe at the age of twenty-three. Maybe? Out of nowhere lately though, I’ve thought of him. I wish I could remember what he looked like. Again, all that stands out is the black hair.
When I did dream about him. I did pray to God and ask him about the guy. Was it wrong that I tried to get some information from God? He knows my story. He knows where it begun. Where it’s going and where it will end. So okay, I asked God for spoilers.
God never did answer that question. Maybe he’s keeping me in suspense. Or, he knows that the black hair guy was just my imagination. A guy I made up.
So that brings me to my next question. Where is my soulmate? Why has it been this long? I would like to think I’m going to live to the age of 100. But, what if I don’t? What if I end up leaving this earth before I’m fifty? That gives me what, maybe fifteen years to finally find love?
So that’s brings the final question to the other people. Are they nuts?  Do you ever notice the people who say, “Oh he’s out there somewhere.” They would be the people in love already. They don’t have to question God. They don’t need to keep asking God, why. Wonder if they did something wrong or if God was punishing them.
I keep telling myself to stay positive. To trust in him.  There has to be a reason. Sure, I would love to find my Mr. Darcy tomorrow. But, in the meantime? I know it’s hard and I fear that God will judge me. But, I just need to keep reminding myself. That yes, maybe soulmates do exist. Even if I do find him, not worry about the future. Stay in the moment.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Big Bang Theory "The Valentino Submergence"

So I watched The Big Bang Theory's latest episode. As always I enjoyed the episode. This episode was the Valentine's Day one. It focused on all the couples.

There will be spoilers. So please don't read this until you watch the episode.

I'll focus on each couple. 
Leonard and Penny
- It was nice to see the two not having really big issues. It wasn't perfect, but it's better than what they've had. Like I said, I enjoyed the episode. But their scenes were probably at the bottom for me. 
Sheldon and Amy
- The second to bottom couple for me. I liked that they did their Fun with Flags. Sure, they took the next step in their relationship. But let's face it. You got to love when the do their scenes when they focus on something else that's not something like Valentine's Day.
Raj and Emily
- I really want to make this couple at the top of the list, but I can't due to one reason. Which I'll mention later. Why? Why did Emily and Raj have to break up? Maybe it's because I liked her with him. But, I'm sad they broke up. I'm really hoping the two will find their way back to each other. When Claire came into the picture, I had a feeling there would be trouble. I had faith though that Emily and Raj would be okay in the end. Darn that Claire. 
Howard an Bernadette
-The biggest thing for this couple would be at the very end of the episode. Bernadette is pregnant! I'm very curious to know how this will go when Howard has dad issues and Bernadette didn't even want kids. That will definitely make a very interesting rest of the season. I wonder if she'll have the baby before the end of the season?
So thoughts on the episode? What did you like or didn't like?

Barnes and Noble Trip

11264999So I couldn't help it. I bought another book. I know, shocker. I originally wanted to go and buy the other two books in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series, but Barnes and Noble didn't have them. I'll have to check Half Price later this week. At least I have my book for book club I have to read. So I won't be able to rush into the next book anyways.

I found another book that I wanted to start reading. Technically it's a series. It's the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. I bought the first book, A Game of Thrones.

Did you like the series? Or at least the first book? How does it compare to the TV show? Is it one of those where you like the book over the show? Maybe vice versa. Maybe you love both.


Saturday, February 13, 2016