Monday, March 21, 2016

Once Upon a Time "Devil's Due"

Hi all! Sorry it's a day late, but tonight let's talk about Once Upon a Time. If you haven't seen the episode, Devil's Due. Turn back now and watch the episode. Come back after you watch it.

This week's episode wasn't bad. I felt though it could be better. Maybe because Rumple drove me crazy? I don't know why, but he hasn't always been my favorite of the show. I don't hate him, but I feel like we've spent so much time with his character. I'm ready for them to focus on more characters. Surprise, surprise. We'll be doing another Belle and Rumple plot. That will make me feel like it's taking over the show.

I always feel like the show has to focus on one couple. Sure, they are focusing some on Emma and Hook, but I don't feel like enough. I was so excited because finally we could focus on them this half of the season. But, it's going in the direction of Rumple and Belle. Yet again! Poor Regina and Robin have been put on the sidelines. I'm okay with Snow and Charming, because we've had their story. I'm sure we could get more, but I think the show has done enough with them. I'm okay where they are. Sure, I don't want them to fade into the background, but it's nice when other couples can be focused on.

Even if it wasn't a couple. I like when we focus on more than one character. I just feel like Rumple and Belle need to step to the side. Let's get some more Robin, for example.

Otherwise with Rumple. Ha, glad someone has power over him. I might actually like Hades now. On a side note, I can hear my friends who like Rumple saying, "not cool." 

So moving on. Emma and Hook reunited! So that made me happy. But again because we were focusing on Rumple. I felt like we didn't get a great reunion between Hook and Emma. It was still sweet of course, but it would have been nice to get more. I felt like his rescue was too short. There should have been more action.

I did like that Regina got to find out that Daniel went off to a better place. I wonder what made him go to the happier side. Maybe he saw Regina change? We'll never know I guess.

Next week, we see Hook's brother. It looks like he'll cause a breakup with Emma and Hook. I have faith though it should be okay. I would hate to think the writers would have them go to the underworld only to have them break up. Plus, why did the preview show that? That's like giving away a whole story line.