Sunday, March 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time "Labor of Love"

So tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time. Please be aware of spoilers. Watch the episode first and come back.

So let's get started.

First, there was Henry. I'm glad to see he is finally getting a plot that will help define his character. Sure he's had plots, but I feel like this one with Cruella De Vil will help him grow. He is the new author after all. He has yet to do something horrible if you think about it. Although, hopefully he'll have some common sense and not do it. I'm pretty sure if Cruella returns back to the living, it won't look for Emma.

Hercules. Glad to see him on the show, but also a little disappointed. Sorry, but to me? He looked like a kid. Not strong enough. Plus, one episode? He should at least get a couple. Come on! Couldn't he help defeat Hades?

Hades. Why can't they make him scarier? The actor doesn't cut it for me. Nothing wrong with the actor. I've seen him in other stuff. I just don't feel like he should be Hades. Maybe that will change as the show moves along.

Snow White. We got to see her as a kid and interacting with Hercules. Also it was nice to see Snow White return. It seems like Mary Margaret as left the building. Maybe?

Hook. They better not kill him again. I was getting that vibe from the episode and the preview for next week. I just hope my imagination is just running wild. I wonder if he would do it. I wonder if he would pick any of the gang to stay down there just so he could leave? I'm sure it will work out in the end. The only one I worry about is Robin Hood. I'm guessing they wouldn't kill Robin Hood because of Regina though, but you never know what could be going through the writers minds.

I felt like for an episode with Hercules it could have been more action packed. I guess in a way it felt like a filler episode.

Next week we get some interaction with Rumple and Hades.

Thoughts on tonight's episode?

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